You’re rip-roaring ready for a good time. You can practically feel the hardwood bouncing underneath you as you swing out in style. Sign up for all the action, right here.

Full Weekend Pass

This is it. The Big Kahuna. The Bees Knees. The Good stuff. You get:

*Entrance to the AZ Classic Jazz Festival, INCLUDING the New Orleans 2nd line parade with parasols, Saturday and Sunday ALL DAY, and the Sunday Festival Grand Finale.

*Registration for the Solo Charleston and Inter-City Lindy Competitions

*Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dances and late nights, Saturday workshops & shenanigans, and day time entrance to the Jazz Festival all weekend.

Passes are ONLY $65 for the first 15 registrants. – SOLD OUT
The next 15 passes are $75
From then on and at the door passes ONLY $85

That’s 23 Hours of dancing. 2nd line parade. 2 Contests. 3 Venues. Grand Finale. All for only $65.



A La Carte

Have other commitments? We understand. Check out our a la carte options to dance when you want.

Friday Night Dance (late night included): $20
Friday Late Night Only: $7
Saturday Night Dance(late night included): $25
Saturday Late Night Only: $7
Sunday Night Dance: $10

*Remember you can only get into the jazz festival before 7pm on Friday for the 2nd line parade, Saturday and Sunday all day, and Sunday for the GRAND FINALE with a FULL WEEKEND PASS*

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